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सहाय • (sahā-ya) : "one who goes along with (another)", a companion, follower, adherent, ally, assistant, helper


Sahāya is a platform dedicated to celebrating and uplifting female and nonbinary musicians and artists from BIPOC Backgrounds. We recognize that the music industry has long been exclusionary, with BIPOC communities facing difficulties in accessing resources. Sahāya creates community and connection through music performance opportunities, workshops, and meet-ups.​

The platform is founded by Niomí (she/her), a woc artist and educator, who came up with the idea after feeling frustrated at the lack of representation around her in further music education and upon entering the music industry. in 2018, she created the label, Galang, which gave minority women opportunities to release their music, attend music workshops, and perform at live music events and now through Sahāya, she is continuing this work.

Sahāya means friend, ally, or companion or to assist or help in Sanskrit. By aiding and empowering the community to participate in music-making, Sahāya hopes to help foster creativity while encouraging diversity within the music industry.​Sahāya strives to build an environment where members can feel safe and confident in their artistry.

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